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Get To Know Scoopology Poop Removal
Scoopology is a family-owned business that truly gives a crap about the cleanliness of your yard. We provide excellent customer service and an overall great experience to our homeowners. Owning a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. But when it is time to do the cleaning of the POOP, this is the crappy chore no one wants to do; and with our crazy lives, it does not get done. If you are too pooped to scoop? Let us do the DOODY work for you!
Meet Scoopology Poop Removal's Friendly Owners

We are excited that you are considering Scoopology Poop Removal to do your doody work. Here at Scoopology we truly give a crap about our customers.

Since we started Scoopology Pet Waste Removal services, we have taken great pride in providing exceptional customer service. We notify you before arrival, scoop your yard to the best of our abilities, close and secure your gate, and are responsive to customer requests and feedback. In short, we do what we say and say what we do.

Our customers say it best:

“Fast communication, on-time, and reliable.” 

“They never miss anything and just send me a bill once a month that I can pay on my phone within seconds. I would recommend this service to anyone tired of having to do this chore or who do not have the time to do so.”

“Best decision I ever made was making this call. They are very professional and timely.”

“So reliable! I appreciate that they never miss a scheduled day, are very thorough, and friendly. They also give me a heads-up before they arrive so I can make sure my dog is inside, and they have been 100% consistent making sure the gates are closed when they leave.”

Check out our more than 800 testimonials on our webpage to learn why Scoopology is the only call you need to make for your pet waste removal needs. 

We currently serve over 900 Greater Puget Sound Area residents and are growing fast. We are proud to meet the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) principles of a high-road employer. We hire excellent staff (i.e., Scoopologists) who take pride in their work and care for your property as if it is their own.

Thank you for considering Scoopology – call us today, sit back, and relax – we’ll take care of that pain in your grass!

Kevin Morton, Owner
Jason Hoseney, Owner

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