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Get To Know Scoopology Poop Removal
Scoopology is a family-owned business that truly gives a crap about the cleanliness of your yard. We provide excellent customer service and an overall great experience to our homeowners. Owning a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. But when it is time to do the cleaning of the POOP, this is the crappy chore no one wants to do; and with our crazy lives, it does not get done. If you are too pooped to scoop? Let us do the DOODY work for you!
Meet Scoopology Poop Removal's Friendly Owners

We are excited that you are considering Scoopology Poop Removal to service your home. We would like to let you know why we are different from anyone else that you might be considering to do your Dog Waste Removal needs.

When we say satisfaction guaranteed we mean it. In today’s world businesses throw that phrase out to their customers all the time. Customer service has become diluted and really has come to mean nothing. Here at Scoopology Poop Removal we truly give a crap about our customers.

We are going to notify you when we are on our way. We are going to show up with freshly sanitized scooping equipment. We will be dressed in our professional uniforms. We are going to treat and scoop your poop like it was our home. We will also make sure that your gate is latched and locked before we drive away to the next home.

Other things we are on the look out for if we see your dog’s water bowl is low, we will fill it up. If the trash can has been emptied and out by the road we will bring it back up to the house, that is just what we do. Don’t worry if the UPS, USPS, FedEx or the Amazon driver those packages and left them in the on the uncovered porch in the rain? Yes? We got you covered and will move them safely and let you know the safe location we placed the packages.

We will be consistent in our service schedule to your home. If we scoop your poop on the Wednesday route, then your yard is going to be scooped on Wednesday every week.

If there is ever a need to change your service day. We will send you will receive a text message and an email update. We pride ourselves on communicating with our home owners. If you ever need to give us call and we are going to actually answer the phone. We are easy to work with and you can always get ahold of us.

We have over 100 Greater Puget Sound Area residents already using our company and are impressed with our work. Maybe it is we provide a great job with our Poop Scooping ability. Or maybe it is because we do such a great job communicating with our home owners and their Dog’s.

When it comes down to it we are just really nice ordinary people conducting business in a professional and friendly way. Whatever the reason, there is no denying our home owners and the Dog’s Love Us.

Kevin Morton, Owner
Jason Hoseney, Owner

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