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Dog Toys are Essential for the Modern-Day Dog

We know dogs need to play, have fun, and engage in other activities that will expend their energy. While many pet owners would like to […]

Six Steps to Cats and Dogs Becoming Friends

Let’s set the record straight. Despite what we see in comic strips and cartoons, dogs do not hate cats.  Yes, the signals and behaviors that cats and dogs use […]

The Scoop on Mouthing, Nipping, and Biting

As the saying goes, “dogs will be dogs.” Dogs being dogs sometimes includes mouthing, nipping and biting. Puppies naturally communicate with one another using their […]

Consider Making New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog

It’s a new year! Many humans use this time of year to set goals in the form of new year’s resolutions. Some have even gone […]

What To Do About Excessive Barking

Oh, the wonderful sound of a dog barking. Barking is natural and a normal communication method for our canine friends; however, when barking becomes excessive […]

Dogs and Snow: Have Fun, Be Safe

Most dogs love the snow. Maybe it’s the change in appearance of the landscape, the feel of a fluffy and cool new substance while rolling […]

12 Reasons Why Dogs Lick

  All dog owners know dogs are lickers – have you ever wondered why? Our scoopologists at Scoopology Poop Removal see dogs all day long […]

How Often Should I Walk My Dog?

Let’s explore the benefits of walking your dog and how often we should consider exploring the great outdoors with our furry companions. Of course, your […]

Dog Records You Have to Read to Believe!

Gilda Radner said, “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures, they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.” […]

NEWS: Read Our Profile in the Nisqually Valley News!

Scoopology was honored to be featured in this article in the Nisqually Valley News! The story covers the expansion of our services to Yelm, Washington, […]

Oh No! I Stepped in Dog Poop–Now What?

Our scoopologists at Scoopology Pet Waste Removal know a thing or two about dog waste.  One of the unfortunate and inevitable parts of the job […]

The Scoop on Potty Training Your Dog: Be Kind and Patient

Our scoopologists at Scoopology Pet Waste Removal can only do their job if your dog does their doody business outside. While we certainly make house […]

Scoopology has the Scoop on Dogs with Diarrhea

On occasion our scoopologists come across the doggie “runs.” Stinky brown puddles are not only difficult to clean but concerning when we see it week […]

My Dog is Eating Poop–Should I Be Concerned?

Our scoopologists at Scoopology Pet Waste Removal often get asked by customers if they should be concerned their dog is eating poop.   Poop-eating, also […]

Consider a Dog Trainer

Pet experts agree that every dog (and even experienced dog owners) can benefit from a dog trainer’s expertise. From teaching your dog basic obedience to more advanced skills, […]

Fall Dangers for Dogs

Those dog days of summer are behind us, and autumn is here.  Every season brings new adventure and a few dangers to our dogs.  Here’s […]

Fun Dog Facts from Scoopology

Did you know owning dogs is good for your health? Learn more from the article 10 Science-Based Benefits of Having a Dog by Scoopology friend […]

Special Bonds That Last

An article in The Atlantic recently caught our eye, “What Do Dogs Know About Us?” Here at Scoopology we interact with a lot of charming […]

Dog poo and the environment

  There is undeniable scientific evidence that dog waste is an environmental pollutant and a human health hazard! Pet waste left on the street or […]

Naturally Delicious Treats from Cattledog Cookie Co.

  About Us and What We Stand For These are the real deal. Cattledog Cookie Co. creates only 100% natural, premium treats for dogs. Unlike […]


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