Consider Making New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog

It’s a new year! Many humans use this time of year to set goals in the form of new year’s resolutions. Some have even gone so far to include their furry companions in the ritual. While our dogs may not be capable of setting their own goals (that we know of), a few recent survey results provide some great ideas that may improve the health and happiness of you and your dog.

A recent survey of 1,000 pet owners, conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with pet health company NomNomNow research team, found that approximately half of all dog owners made a new year’s resolution for their canine companion. The same study found 71% of pet owners view the new year as a chance to help their pet get healthier.

Another interesting finding was more than half of pet parents surveyed said they’d be more likely to keep up with their own new year’s plan if their pet was also on one. Research those owners who have put their pet on a weight loss diet or exercise plan (43 percent), 81 percent have dieted/exercised with them.

The number one goal, according to 56% of respondents, was to give their dog more exercise. Like humans, many pets spend the holidays overeating. In fact, 59 percent of respondents (77 percent of dog owners) said their pets are fed more food and treats over the holidays than normal. 

Dr. Justin Shmalberg DVM, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and Chief Nutrition Officer at NomNomNow, found dogs are 36 percent more likely than cats to be overfed during the holidays, and 31 percent more dog owners admit to overfeeding than cat owners.

TOP 5 PET PARENT RESOLUTIONS FOR PETS, according to NomNomNow survey results
1. Exercise more (56 percent)
2. Try new activity (49 percent)
3. Lose weight (49 percent)
4. Better hygiene (47 percent)
5. More playtime (44 percent)

Halo, Purely for Pets also surveyed more than 1,000 pet parents to find out their New Year’s Resolutions for their dogs. The results of their study are very insightful:


88.7% of pet parents plan to help their pets get more exercise. Here’s how:

  • 62.4% – more walks
  • 68.3% – play with them more
  • 30.3% – find a new game to play
  • 2.9% – take a Doga class
  • 1.9% – get into extreme sports
  • 20.2% – go to the dog park more often
  • 15.8% – run my cat up and down stairs

Weight loss

45.9% plan to help their pets lose weight. Here’s how:

  • 44.8% – feed better quality food
  • 35.1% – feed less food
  • 34% – give fewer treats
  • 33% – give more nutritious treats
  • 68.7% – get more exercise
  • 10.9% – plan a program with their vet

New tricks

48.1% plan to teach their pets new tricks this coming year

Healthy Eating

69.4% plan to feed their pets higher quality food


86.8% plan to groom their pets more regularly. Here’s how:

  • 68.1% will trim nails more regularly
  • 52.7% plan to bathe their pets more regularly
  • 80.3% are going to brush their pets more regularly
  • 35.5% will start giving their pets supplements for their coat and skin
  • 50.1% plan to brush their pet’s teeth more often
  • 33.2% are going to start using natural grooming products


94.1% plan to help pets in need. Here’s how:

  • 11.5% – adopt a new pet
  • 11.5% – foster a pet
  • 69.8% – donate to a rescue or shelter
  • 65.6% – continue what I’ve been doing!

And some other great ideas from those surveyed:

  • Take them to the beach
  • Hand making toys and cushions for them
  • More rides in the car
  • Buy a new scratching post
  • Visit hospitals and retirement homes to make people happy
  • Make sure he drinks more water
  • Build new cat tress
  • Bring them with me more places
  • Open her own savings account for vet emergencies

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