Capitol Hill Poop Scoop Service

Good new for residents of Capitol Hill! It's never been easier to clean up after your pet than with Scoopology, your local pet waste removal service. We take pride in being the best Capitol Hill poop scoop service around; on a mission to help the people of Western Washington with their dirty work, sign up and let us handle the poop scooping from here forward!

You'll never have to worry about forgetting to clean your yard with Scoopology.  We offer a variety of packages including regular and one-time cleanup visits, so we're ready to help whenever you need it.  Once you're signed up and have your scheduled service date, you can rest assured knowing your friendly neighborhood poop scoopers are on the job. Don't let dog waste become a problem; our cleanup and removal services mean you might never be scooping poop again.

Give us a call or sign up using our online form; we promise you'll never have to worry about pet waste again.  Dreaming of a poop-free yard?  We can make it a reality.

capitol hill poop scoop services

Pet Waste Removal Capitol Hill

Enjoy Your Yard Without Having to do the DOODY Work

Pooper Scooper Service and Pet Cleanup

Taking the dirty work out of being a pet parent is what we do best.  If you're looking to live your best poop-free life with your pet, we're here to help.  We'll leave the fun parts of being a pet parent up to you; the walks, cuddles, and good times with your pet await. 

Living a fun, carefree lifestyle with your pet is possible with Scoopology!  Find out what dog owners across Washington are raving about.  Check out our service options and receive a free quote today!

Poop Scooping and Removal for Dog Owners

We know how hard it can be to stay on top of poop-scooping chores, especially for the busy people of Capitol Hill.  If you're struggling to keep your space clear of waste, we can help.  We do our best to offer Seattleites and other Washingtonians a simple, reliable service that takes the mess out of pet ownership. 

Our system offers an upfront price with no contract obligations, with costs varying depending on yard size, number of animals, and frequency of service.  There's no extra fee for larger breeds; we're equipped to handle pups of any size.

Looking to get a quote?  Fill out our online form and receive a customized quote from our team; from there, it's up to you whether or not you'd like to book a service. 

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