East Port Orchard Poop Scoop Service

It’s always been a hassle to clean up, especially poop! Pet owners in East Port Orchard, WA probably agree to this, too. Poop isn’t only hard to pick up and dispose of, but it can also make your yard smell stinky! With this thought in mind, Scoopology decided to offer our hassle-free poop-cleaning service to homeowners and pet lovers in the area.

Got a Poodle or a Corgi at home? Taking care of the big boys like a Mastiff or a Great Dane? We got you! Whatever your pupper is, we have all the tools needed to keep your yard clean and green.

Port Orchard Poop Scoop Service

Pet Waste Removal East Port Orchard

Enjoy Your Yard Without Having to do the DOODY Work

East Port Orchard Pet Cleanup

Among the most common viruses you can contract from prolonged exposure to pet waste are the following:

  • Salmonella
  • Ringworm
  • Rabies
  • Parvo
  • And more

Don’t put your family’s and your health at risk and make sure to book a consistent poop cleaning service with Scoopolgy of the Kitsap County area. Just give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be with you shortly. We’ll just ask you a few questions, schedule you, and we’re ready to go!

Our service also goes beyond the county. We have clients from all over the state who have all the good things to say about our poop-cleaning service. Whether it’s a one-time schedule or not, our clients are highly satisfied with our poop-cleaning service. Please give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can make pet parenting as easy and fun as 1-2-3!

If you are an East Port Orchard resident, you may be familiar with famous attractions in town such as the Sidney Museum or the Log Cabin Museum. These are familiar attractions among visitors and locals. There are still a ton of other locations and local attractions that are worth exploring in the area.

However, aside from famous Port Orchard attractions, it is also worth noting some of the emerging businesses in the area. Among them is our very own pet waste cleaning services here at Scoopology. We are here to service homes all across the town and several other cities in the Kitsap County area. Just name the city and we’ll be there in a hurry!

Now, you no longer have to worry about making sure your yard is rid of smelly pet poop. Having a pet waste cleaning service visit you regularly can also help keep your pets as well as yourself from contracting potential health conditions due to prolonged exposure to pet waste.

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