Longview Pet Waste Removal

Fun fact, do you know what makes Longview, Washington different from the majority of cities that have sprung up throughout history? It was completely planned down to the last sidewalk and the last street name before construction ever began. With its quaint beauty, homeowners take great pride in caring for their homes.

Let us give you back your evenings and weekends by allowing us to scoop your pet’s poop and be your pet waste removal service. We are family owned and operated and take great pride in providing a service that frees you up to spend more time making memories with your loved ones. 

"We'll notify you when we are on our way and show up with freshly sanitized scooping equipment. Our team wears professional uniforms and we scoop your pet’s poop like it was our own home. We’ll also make sure your gate is latched and locked before we drive away to the next home." Kevin Morton, Owner

Take Your Time Back…

If you're looking for a little help to justify this service, here’s a few other great benefits of hiring our poop scoop service.

  • You'll get your precious time back, we can't imagine you like using it to scoop poop.
  • Your family, friends, and neighbors will be able to enjoy your beautiful yard.
  • Your landscaping company will be thrilled not to be cleaning poop off their boots.
  • You’ll put an end to family arguments about who’s turn it is to poop scoop.
  • You won't be stuck chasing an infestation of flies or mosquitos out of your house.
  • Your neighbors won't have to deal with pesky insect invasions or the stench of hot poop. Yuck!
  • Your local water source will benefit from you being responsible.
  • You'll have peace of mind!

Above and Beyond

“Other things we look out for are:

  • If we see your dog’s water bowl is low, we’ll fill it up.
  • If the trash can has been emptied and out by the road we will bring it back up to the house
  • If the UPS, USPS, FedEx or Amazon driver left your packages in the rain, we’ve got you covered and will notify you and move them to a safe location.

When it comes down to it, we’re just really nice, ordinary people conducting business in a professional and friendly way.” Jason Hoseney, Owner

Allow our team to take care of the dirty work for you. Let us help, it's a simple phone call away. Let's get you scheduled today. If talking to a real person is your preference, feel free to give us a ring at: (360) 743-3926.

Free Time Inspiration

Before we go, we found some really great things to do with your free-time, now that you don’t have to scoop poop anymore.

  • Ape Cave Lava Tubes >>>
  • Lake Sacajawea Park >>>
  • Cowlitz Community Farmers Market >>>
  • Columbia Theater >>> 
  • Koth Memorial Gallery >>>
  • Mint Valley Golf Course >>>
  • Nutty Narrows Bridge >>>

We hope we've inspired you to get out and enjoy the things that matter most to you, while we take care of the things that matter most to us... like scooping poop! We look forward to working with you!

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