Shoreline Poop Scoop Service

Great news!  If you have at least one four-legged friend, we are your new best friend!  Hi, we are Scoopology Poop Removal.  We are the ultimate canine companion, a personalized poop scoop service.

When it comes to Shoreline and its pet cleanup, we don't think we are the #2 to anyone!  Our service schedules are varied in frequency in our visits to fit your dog's schedule... and yours too.  Our services offer health and safety benefits to your family, dogs and humans alike as well as the area around where they do their business.

shoreline poop scoop service

Pet Waste Removal Shoreline

Enjoy Your Yard Without Having to do the DOODY Work

Shoreline Pet Cleanup

We offer several different routines to come and take care of your yard. We can do one-time pick up, once or twice a week, and once every other week.  We also calculate your rates based on the number of four-legged friends and the area where you would like the service done.  If you think Scoopology is right for you, request a free, no-obligation customized quote at our signup page!


If after looking around our site has not hinted at it enough, we love dogs.  We believe dogs enrich life and add a robust depth to any person's life.    We ourselves are a family-owned business whose goal is to help make one of the best parts of your life a bit easier to do.  We literally pick up the crappiest part about owning a dog; their poop!

When it comes time for us to head your way, we text you to let you know.  When we arrive at your home, we will text you again.  Our staff will be in uniform and have clean and sanitary tools to clean up the yard.  We go about doing our doodie and picking up the poopy, bag it, and take it for off-site disposal.  While we are they, if we see an empty water bowl, you bet we will fill it!

We also do come prepared with treats and would always check before feeding anything to your pets.

pet waste removal shoreline
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