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Hey, pet lovers from Yelm! We totally get that life can get crazy, and sometimes, keeping the yard clean slips down the to-do list. But guess what? Nobody, not even your dog, wants a yard full of poop surprises! Introducing Scoopology Poop Removal, your go-to solution in Yelm. We're a bunch of pet-loving folks, and we understand the importance of a clean and safe space for your furry pals. Scoopology isn't just a business; we’re family-owned, we truly care about the cleanliness of your yard and we aim for great customer service. Having a dog is awesome, but dealing with poop isn't. Feeling too tired for waste removal duty? Let us handle it!

We make it super easy for you. We roll into your yard, share some treats with your dogs (with your permission, of course), swiftly clean up all the waste, toss it onto our truck, and off we go to the next yard. It's that simple! So, if you've got a pet, a yard, and a bit of a poop to scoop, don't stress! Give us a call. We're here to make your life a whole lot cleaner and your dog's hangout spot a whole lot safer! And guess what? We don’t stop just providing pet waste removal services. If your dog's water bowl is low, we'll fill it. We've got you covered, Yelm!

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Yelm Pet Waste Removal

Joining Scoopology in Yelm is easy and convenient! Once you've signed up for your preferred plan, our reliable truck arrives on your scheduled cleanup day, ready to handle the task. You don't need to be home. As long as we can access your yard, we're good to go. We take care of scooping up all the dog mess and handle the disposal, leaving your lawn squeaky clean for both your furry and human family members to enjoy.

We understand that everyone has different schedules, and that's why we offer comprehensive service plans to suit every situation in Yelm. Whether you have one dog or a whole pack, and regardless of how long it's been since your yard was cleaned, we've got you covered. Plus, there are no extra charges for larger breeds! And here's the fun part, we always bring treats for your doggos, with your permission, of course! So, let us take care of the dirty work, and you can relish in a pristine yard without a worry.

Choose from our range of plans based on your needs. Our Weekly Poop Clean offers 52 cleanings per year, including cleanup, haul away, and free ear scratches for your dogs. It's perfect for consistent and thorough maintenance. If you prefer a more affordable option, our Every Other Week Poop Clean includes cleanup and haul away. For those who want to say goodbye to Poop hassles entirely, our Twice a Week Poop Clean service is the answer, with cleanup and haul away included. And if you've fallen behind on DOODY chores or just sold your home, our One-Time Poop Clean is an excellent choice.

Plans vary depending on the number of pets and the frequency of services. We offer competitive rates for invaluable services and even provide a 10% discount for senior citizens. Referral incentives are also available - just ask! Fill out our online form to get a free quote and let Scoopology make your yard maintenance worry-free and enjoyable!

Yelm Pet Cleanup - Call Us for Your Pet's Waste Removal Service in Yelm

Here at Scoopology, we've got a variety of plans to help keep your yard spick and span. We get it, life gets crazy, and cleaning up after your furry friend's poop is probably the last thing you want on your list. Our service plans are as diverse as pets themselves, whether you've got a pack of Golden Retrievers or a single pug, we've got a plan for you. Just let us know, and we'll swing by to scoop up the mess, give your pup some love, and dispose of the waste.

Consistency is key to our services. If we designate Wednesday as your poop-scooping day, rest assured that every Wednesday, like clockwork, your yard will be attended to. And if there's ever a need to adjust your service day, we've got you covered with timely updates via text and email. Communication is our strong suit, and we take pride in being easily reachable, just give us a call, and a friendly voice will be there to assist.

Yelm Pet Cleanup - Call Us for Your Pet's Waste Removal Service in Yelm

But don't just take our word for it. Check out the testimonials from over 100 satisfied residents who have experienced the Scoopology difference. Whether it's our exceptional poop-scooping skills or our dedication to open communication, our clients appreciate the professional and friendly services we provide. We may be ordinary people, but our commitment to a clean and safe space for your family, both human and furry, is anything but ordinary.

Choosing Scoopology isn't just about a tidy lawn; it's also about keeping your family safe. Did you know that dog poop isn't just a hassle, but it can pose health risks, as confirmed by the EPA? Having a buildup of poop in your yard isn't just a local issue. It can be harmful to the environment too. Let us take care of the dirty work so you can enjoy a clean and safe space for your family, both human and furry. Call us today at (360) 743-3926 and discover why our clients and their dogs love us!


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