Dog poo and the environment


There is undeniable scientific evidence that dog waste is an environmental pollutant and a human health hazard!

Pet waste left on the street or lawn does not just go away or fertilize the grass. Rain washes pet waste down storm drains and into waterways like rivers, bays, and beaches. This can make people sick from salmonella, E. coli, and other infections. Pet waste is very toxic—the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that waste produced by just 100 dogs in two or three days (or one weekend) can contain enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay to swimming and shell fishing. Pet waste also provides a nitrogen source for algae blooms, which deplete the water of oxygen and can make people and animals sick.

Maintain a Clean and Healthy Lawn

According to the CDC, dog waste can contain bacteria, parasites, and pathogens that can directly and indirectly cause people to get sick. Although it may look like the poo in your yard has disappeared over time or washed away, some micro-organisms (such as Roundworms, E. coli, and Giardia) can persist and survive in your yard for up to four years if not picked up! Think of how often you use your backyards and lawns and imagine what microscopic beasts could be proliferating there if the dog poo is left untouched.

Protect our Shellfish!

Harmful bacteria can get into shellfish and cause people who eat the shellfish to get sick. There is a demonstrated relationship between the presence of fecal coliform bacteria found in a water sample and the presence of illness-causing viruses and bacteria that are harmful to humans if accidentally swallowed with water or eaten in contaminated shellfish. 

What You Can ‘Doo’

  • ALWAYS carry poop bags with you whenever you are out and about with your dog. Take more than you think you will need…you never know.
  • PICK IT UP! Every. Single. Time.
  • Tie the bag closed and toss it in the garbage. Dog poop CANNOT go in compost or yard waste bins. I repeat, DO NOT compost dog poop!
  • Pick up poops in your yard at least weekly.
  • Hire a dog poop collection service like Scoopology – Yes, this is real, and we make protecting the environment and your dog’s #2 our #1 priority.

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