Special Bonds That Last

An article in The Atlantic recently caught our eye, “What Do Dogs Know About Us?” Here at Scoopology we interact with a lot of charming dogs.  While our canine customers certainly know their owners far better than us, we mingle with many dogs often enough to form budding relationships.

I am sure all of us dog owners at one time or another have wondered, “What does my dog think of me?” According to author, Alexandra Horowitz, the science is unclear. Understanding what dogs think of us is a bit of a challenge in the research world. What we know anecdotally is the unconditional love our dogs demonstrate make them the perfect companions. Dogs bond with us in ways most other pets either can’t or won’t. Human-canine bonding can be traced back to at least 15,000 years ago.

Some studies have suggested females, on average, tend to have more positive attitudes towards dogs as opposed to males. Whether you are male or female, when humans and dogs spend time together the peptide hormone ocytocin is released. The release of ocytocin is correlated with the formation of a strong social bond.

According to research, canines can tell the difference between positive and negative human facial expressions and respond accordingly. Read the article, Can Dogs Read Human Facial Expressions to learn how your facial expressions tell your dog exactly what you are thinking. 

So, while we may not know exactly what dogs may be thinking, we do know natural hormones are released when we spend time with our dogs and our facial expressions are often all we need to communicate our feelings. Here at Scoopology we show up with a smile on our face. Over time, your dog and our Scoopologist form a bond that is special. Scooping doody is the job, but the benefits of interacting with our furry customers keeps a smile on our face. 

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